At the end of March artist Helen Edling  won £130 Soup Grant. She used the award to support the installation of two exhibtions of her work, one in Glasgow, the other in Bracknell. Well done Helen and here a images from the two exhibitions

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It’s been a very long time since the last update mostly because it took a while to remember the password and username for this blog. So I thought I’d print up a little gallery of Saturday Soup posters that reflect evrything soup has been up to:

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I forgot to add that Saturday Soup will by Chestnut and Lentil this Saturday in Waygood Harkers Kitchen….Merry Christmas

It been a long long time since any posts were added, May I think, but things haven’t been totally quite Francesca Wilmot hosted a great discussion on artist led exhibitions and initiatives and Sharon Wilson won the last Soup Grant and has been leading a project to produce artist soup bowls, more to come in the New Year.



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Exciting soup this month! Francesca Wilmot, who has recently graduated from the Arts Administration Programme at School of the Arts Institute Chicago, and is current acting Exhibitions Director at the Hyde Park Centre, will be making Butternut Squash soup. She will be chatting about the exhibition Arts Run Chicago, currently on show at the Hyde Park Arts Centre, and she will be presenting the Soup Grant to the successful applicant.
see you there

IMG_3958Thanks to Paul for hosting the Marconi Day Soup. We celebrates the first radio transmission by Marconi with Macaroni Minestrone Soup and a demonstration by Paul William Mulvihill who used his radio receiver to track a passing NOMAD weather satellite.


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Thanks to Derick and Jane for a Soup feast, with very nice homemade bread and loads of ham and cheese. Very Nice.
Derick also demonstrated a magic infrared paintbrush which allows patterns that you paint in the air to be recorded onto a PC or laptop.

Next soup 25th April, please remember that you can enter for the soup grant that will be awarded on the 30 May by Francesca Wilmot exhibition director at the Hyde Part Art Centre, Chicago.

Proposals should be not much more than 250 words and emailed to and named soup grant. The winning proposal will be voted at 30 May Saturday Soup and proposals should reach me by 27 May.

This weeks soup is brought to you by Derrick Welsh, the first Soup Award winner. He used his granted to help fund his I Can Draw project that involved 35 artist using Nokia palm held drawing tablets, and will be giving a presentation about this project as well as providing Soup.

There is also the Bric-a-brac store and I think I will be making Carrot cake, or Chocolate Crispy Cake


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Thanks for everyone who came to Jude’s Valentine Soup the winter veg soup was special, and the chocolate cake went down a treat. Unfortunately I missed the start because I forgot the float for the till. The bric-a-brac store was again popular and a total of £50 was raised towards the second soup grant that will be awarded at the end of April soup.

The next soup will be 21 March and hosted by Soup award winner Derrick Welsh. He’ll make soup and chat about how he used his grant to fund an electronic drawing project.

The following Soup will coincide with a Waygood update on 25 April and the soupers will be James-Johnson Perkins and Helen Smith. Then at the end of May, Francesca Wilson, Arts Administration post graduate student at the School of the Arts Institute Chicago will make soup in what we hope will be the first Saturday and Sunday Soup link up, exciting times.

Saturday Souper falls on valentine’s day, and Jude Thomas will be serving up a heart warming winter vegtable soup.
There will be an addition to to the menu in the form of chocolate cake, and the bric-a-brac store will be back