What is Saturday Soup?

Saturday Soup is a an artist granting programme that offers small grants to launch a project. This maybe buying materials to start an art work; travel money to see an exhibition; framing cost, or even put towards hospitality.

How is this possible?

Its made possible through the sale of lovely home-made soup from the communal kitchen area in Waygood Harkers on the first Saturday of every month.

Who decides on the Awards?

Anyone that buys soup gets one vote towards a proposal that they like. The serving of soup will come with a printed list of proposed project, and project descriptions, as well as a ballot form. Simply vote for your favourite project.

How often are the Awards made?

The awards will be made every month and published on the Saturday Soup blog

How do I apply for a grant?

Simply send an email to souponsaturdayhmmm@googlemail.com with your name, project title, and brief description of your project; more than 50 words I’m afraid. Application should be submitted by last Thursday of the month, or the Thursday before Saturday Soup. For example the inaugural Saturday Soup will take place on Saturday November 1st, so application should have arrived by Thursday 30th October.

The more soup I buy, the more votes I get, right?

Sounds good, but no I’m afraid. In order to keep voting a even and fair only one vote-per-month, but please buy as much soup as you like.

and who is making the soup?

The first soup will be made my Michael Mulvihill, he will also be making a presentation about Saturday Soup and Sunday Soup, the Soup Granting Programme run by the arts collective Incubate in Chicago. Sunday Soup was started in January 2008 and has away seven grants to projects in Chicago, and has recently served soup at Creative Time “Democracy in America” in New York for the opening of the Armory Show.

So maybe you’d like to show off your culinary flare, and make a soup for Saturday Soup. If so email souponsaturdayhmmm@googlemail.com, and label it Soup Suggestion.

Watch this blog for recipe ideas and suggestions.

I have a project I’d like to promote, would it be okay to use Saturday Soup as a platform?

Yes, If you have any work you’d like to show, an event you’d like to tell people about, or a performance to present, a film to show, anything email souponsaturdayhmmm@googlemail.com to be programmed into the afternoon.

Afternoon! when does Saturday Soup happen?

Saturday Soup is the first Saturday of every month, beginning November 1st. Soup will be served from 11:30 am until 3pm. A bowl of Soup will cost £2.00 a bowl.

See you there.