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This Saturday will see the first Saturday Soup, however in some ways it is tinged with sadness.

Last Saturday Ben Schaafsma passed away after being involved in a car accident the previous Wednesday in New York, he was 26. He was one of the founders of InCubate in Chicago,along with Abby Satinsky, Roman Petruniak, and later joined by Bryce Dwyer. An originator of Sunday Soup, the Granting Scheme Saturday Soup is based on, Ben was a great and imaginative talent, devising original and playful ways to support, bring together, and activate the artist communities that lay on the fringes of established Arts Institutions and Structures. During last summer Ben was appointed the position of Programme Director at the Elizabeth Foundation in New York. Along with Incubate he hosted Sunday Soup at the Democracy in America Show, during the open of the Armoury Show, with Creative Time.

Ben had seen a flyer I posted temporarily on Flickr, and he messaged me through Facebook saying he was please the Soup Granting movement had grown to Newcastle in the UK. I’ve known Ben from a residency in North Adams, Massachusetts, where he was on internship at MASSmoca in 2007. He invited me to apply a residency at Incubate Chicago where, as well as being enable to make new work, I also had a great time and made very good friends. Ben was one of those good friends and is greatly missed.

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