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This month has seen the inauguration of President Barak Obama, the pound on the brink of implosion, and the the introduction of the bric-a-brac store at Saturday Soup. It will be a feature of Saturday Soup and you pay what you want for an item, or itumz (in the plural)

Big thanks for the generous donation of bric-a-brac to kick the store, it really boasted the Soup Fund, which has been award to Artist Derrick Welsh.

So to get the fund going come along to the next “loving” Saturday Soup on February 14th with chef Jude Thomas, and leave loved-up and with a bargain!!!!!



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Well done, Derick has been awarded £80.00 in cash that will go towards curating a multimedia exhibition of drawings made on Nokia N800 touch screen tablets. No less than 30 Artists are involved in this drawing project, which will culminate in an exhibition at Newcastle Literary and Philosphical Society.

Derick will be making Soup in the near future and giving a presentation about his project at Saturday Soup…can’t wait!


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Another great Saturday Soup with Soup care of Joe Woodhouse. The fund is up to £65.00, sixty five big ones, what could an artist do with that?

Apply for the Soup Grant by emailing a brief proposal to:

The winning proposal will be announced at the end of January’s Saturday Soup along with the profit made.

So £65.00 + January Profit = Project.

Could be a great start to the New Year

It’s that time again, the first Saturday of December means the start of the mad dash towards Christmas and the second Saturday Soup!!!

This month the Soup run along side a new Harker Herald Billboard by Joe Woodhouse, and the preview of a collaborative show between Joe and Myself (Michael Mulvihill if you hadn’t guest.)

Last Soup raised £38 pound towards the Artist Grant, so lets aim to double or more. Applications for this grant will be opened for the first presentation in January.

hope to see you there


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A big thank you to everyone who attended last weeks Saturday Soup. I had a great time and it looked like everyone else did to.

The Soup fund is currently at £38.00 and application will open after the next Soup on December 6, which will coincide with a Hanging Wall exhibition of Joe Woodhouse’s drawings that will also feature work by Michael Mulvihill of the work made in Chicago (go Obama)

If anyone is interested in making Soup, or proposing a event to happen with Saturday Soup get in touch on

Happy Souping

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This Saturday will see the first Saturday Soup, however in some ways it is tinged with sadness.

Last Saturday Ben Schaafsma passed away after being involved in a car accident the previous Wednesday in New York, he was 26. He was one of the founders of InCubate in Chicago,along with Abby Satinsky, Roman Petruniak, and later joined by Bryce Dwyer. An originator of Sunday Soup, the Granting Scheme Saturday Soup is based on, Ben was a great and imaginative talent, devising original and playful ways to support, bring together, and activate the artist communities that lay on the fringes of established Arts Institutions and Structures. During last summer Ben was appointed the position of Programme Director at the Elizabeth Foundation in New York. Along with Incubate he hosted Sunday Soup at the Democracy in America Show, during the open of the Armoury Show, with Creative Time.

Ben had seen a flyer I posted temporarily on Flickr, and he messaged me through Facebook saying he was please the Soup Granting movement had grown to Newcastle in the UK. I’ve known Ben from a residency in North Adams, Massachusetts, where he was on internship at MASSmoca in 2007. He invited me to apply a residency at Incubate Chicago where, as well as being enable to make new work, I also had a great time and made very good friends. Ben was one of those good friends and is greatly missed.

To read more about Ben Schaafsma and his work:


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Roman Petruniak and Joss Ippel going crazy over Tomatoe and Roast pepper soup at Sunday Soup InCubate, Chicago.

What is Saturday Soup?

Saturday Soup is a an artist granting programme that offers small grants to launch a project. This maybe buying materials to start an art work; travel money to see an exhibition; framing cost, or even put towards hospitality.

How is this possible?

Its made possible through the sale of lovely home-made soup from the communal kitchen area in Waygood Harkers on the first Saturday of every month.

Who decides on the Awards?

Anyone that buys soup gets one vote towards a proposal that they like. The serving of soup will come with a printed list of proposed project, and project descriptions, as well as a ballot form. Simply vote for your favourite project.

How often are the Awards made?

The awards will be made every month and published on the Saturday Soup blog

How do I apply for a grant?

Simply send an email to with your name, project title, and brief description of your project; more than 50 words I’m afraid. Application should be submitted by last Thursday of the month, or the Thursday before Saturday Soup. For example the inaugural Saturday Soup will take place on Saturday November 1st, so application should have arrived by Thursday 30th October.

The more soup I buy, the more votes I get, right?

Sounds good, but no I’m afraid. In order to keep voting a even and fair only one vote-per-month, but please buy as much soup as you like.

and who is making the soup?

The first soup will be made my Michael Mulvihill, he will also be making a presentation about Saturday Soup and Sunday Soup, the Soup Granting Programme run by the arts collective Incubate in Chicago. Sunday Soup was started in January 2008 and has away seven grants to projects in Chicago, and has recently served soup at Creative Time “Democracy in America” in New York for the opening of the Armory Show.

So maybe you’d like to show off your culinary flare, and make a soup for Saturday Soup. If so email, and label it Soup Suggestion.

Watch this blog for recipe ideas and suggestions.

I have a project I’d like to promote, would it be okay to use Saturday Soup as a platform?

Yes, If you have any work you’d like to show, an event you’d like to tell people about, or a performance to present, a film to show, anything email to be programmed into the afternoon.

Afternoon! when does Saturday Soup happen?

Saturday Soup is the first Saturday of every month, beginning November 1st. Soup will be served from 11:30 am until 3pm. A bowl of Soup will cost £2.00 a bowl.

See you there.